The Greatest Gift (Final Book)

The Greatest Gift Creating my Final Book project was such an awesome experience for me. I decided to make the book about the people who have encouraged me to do my best and have created an inspiration in my life. The book is about my family and it includes photographs of them as well as […]

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Youth: Defining Boundaries This was my very first time in Balboa Park and I’m glad I got the chance to visit the Museum of Photographic Arts, it was a unique museum experience. The first exhibition that I saw was the Youth Exhibition called Defining Boundaries. This exhibition consisted of photography from youth K-12 and I […]

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Alphabet Photography

The alphabet photography was quite an interesting and fun experience. It was definitely something that I have never experienced before and it was great to pay attention to ordinary objects that one usually wouldn’t pay much attention to. Having to walk around trying to make letters of the objects was interesting because I feel like […]

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Richard Avedon

During class we watched Darkness & Light by Richard Avedon. This was a documentary film about Avedon’s journey through using a fashion approach in his photography. He created a lot of self expression in his photos, and created a very well narrative approach. Avedon had quite a unique take on photography as he really focused […]

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Night Photography

For my night photography I went to Carlsbad and decided to take pictures by the beach area. I used colorful Christmas lights to create these effects on my photos. I messed around with the shutter speed and used a slower shutter speed to capture the movements of the lights which really created a nice glowing […]

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1.What is Street Photography? Street Photography is a type of photography in which pictures of the every day life are taken for instance outside in the streets, the lives of the every day person. 2. Describe: Aperture & Shutter Speed -Shutter Speed: Is the speed in which the shutter snaps the picture, a faster shutter […]

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Photo Booth Project

For my photo booth project I decided to create a setup at my neighbor’s family party. It was their grandmother’s birthday and I thought this would be a really great opportunity for me to meet their family ,interact, and also a great way to practice my photography. I had the photo booth setup by the […]

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Silver & Light

The video that was shown in class was quite an inspiring one about a photographer by the name of Ian Ruhter. He has so much passion towards photography and has decided to continue his work through the wet-plate method which is an early photographic technique and it consists of developing photographs through wet-collodion solution. He […]

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Discovery Lake

My very first time at Discovery Lake was a really great experience. I was able to get great photos while using natural and artificial lighting. I thought Discovery Lake was the perfect spot to get awesome pictures with great scenery, the backgrounds really made the pictures come alive. I noticed that having extra lighting aside […]

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Studio Lighting

I had such a great experience working in the studio and experimenting with different types of lighting. It was very interesting to take shots at different lighting, some were taken with lots of light while others were taken with very minimal light. In the beginning of the activity I was having a tough time trying […]

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